Monday, October 04, 2010

Cool Sites 2

This site is a free ecard sending place.You can have an ecard sent due to an exact date.You can add a message to the ecard, and you can even change the song for the ecard.

Cool Sites

Stardoll is a gr8 site.You can make an avatar,just like'll get a suite with two rooms to decorate and store your clothes which you buy from Starplaza.
You make money by playing games and spend your stardollars in Suiteshop or Starplaza.
For playing in Stardoll you need the latest Flash Player.
When you register you can make friends,send massages,and so on.
Add me there if you want to.My username is Anna_emo95

Sunday, October 03, 2010

3oh!3 Pics

Love them.They ROCK! ;*

Official Websites

Katy Perry:
Zed Bazi:
I'll come with more later. <3

Within Temptation _ The Fear

Amazing song.
gr8 for cramming.

Ke$ha _ Tik Tok Video

Hi! this is Tik Tok by Ke$ha.
Love it! Soooooooooo Cool.

Vote in EMA

Who do you think deserves to win?
so why not help him/her win by voting?
go to :
OMG! i voted Katy Perry where ever she was.