Friday, August 26, 2011

Gabe Saporta Interview with Alex Kazemi

The spunky front man of pop punk band, Cobra Starship, had a successful mainstream success with the summer 09 party anthem “Good Girls Go Bad.” With the help of Kara Diogaurdi and a drop from Leighton Meester, the “Hot Mess” album was an album that was on repeat everywhere. Since Cobra’s last record, the band has recently gotten back into the studio to record their fourth album .. Gabe and I got to chat about Miley vs Selena, Justin Bieber, the old MTV and insights from the next record.

Alex Kazemi: HI Gabe! How are you? How has New York been treating you?

Gabe Saporta: Hey Alex! I’m good. I just went shopping and right now I’m trying on some stuff I bought from Super Saturday. They had some nice polo shirts for like fifteen bucks. I bought my dad some too.

Kazemi: I’m going to check it out when I go to New York. I understand you moved to the big apple recently. Has living in New York been a big inspiration for the music on the upcoming record?

Gabe : A lot of our inspiration comes from our experiences at night time. As a musician you don’t really keep track of your schedule. I don’t come home until 2 in the morning and even at that time I’m still kinda crazy. You can always find something going on musically in New York, there is a lot of cool creative people in the city and were lucky to hang out with them sometimes.

Kazemi: Who are some other influential artists who have influenced the sound of the upcoming record?

Gabe: Chromeo has been one of my biggest influences from the start of the band in the first place.. It’s funny cause when Cobra just started, Chromeo just started too. Me and Dave from Chromeo dated the same girl so we met through this girl who put us in touch and we tried to work on this song together. I wanted him to produce stuff for us. It’s cool. I’m totally inspired by their attitude, they have fun with it. They are really good musicians but they don’t take themselves too seriously, they have fun with it. I actually went to see them on Wednesday and it was honestly one of the most fun shows I’ve been too in New York in a long time. Everyone was dancing; good vibes. He definitely doesn’t try to be too cool for school at all.

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